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Capture college girls in a virtual games through a Tentacle. Unduh Tentacle Locker  overview for school game mod Aplikasi For Android Handphones and santai your leisure time with this addictive games.


Unduh Aplikasi You might have seen so many fake apps with the name of Tentacle Locker Mobile, but this one is a real and official games. So, you can unduh it and santai it on your Androids.


Previously it was only available for PCs but now Tentacle Locker For Android is also available. You can only unduh the working games from this page.




What is Tentacle Locker Aplikasi?



Tentacle Locker Aplikasi is a games for Android handphones and tablets. Basically, it is based on a virtual fun story where players can capture girls in high schools and make them wear skirts. So, there are lockers where the player can drag through a Tentacle to force them to wear a skirt.


However, there are different kinds of items that you can simply force those high school girls to wear. This is not designed for the below 18 users. Although there are not such intimate scenes, the graphics and the gameplay do not suit the users or players below 18 age.


So, therefore, at the beginning of the Tentacle Locker Mobile, you need to go through a human verification. I will later sharing that process in precise steps so you can play and use the app easily. However, this is really interesting and full of fun game for Android handphones.


The official and working games is available on a very limited number of websites including this one. So, you can get the Aplikasi and install that on your phone for free of biaya. I am going to put the link right at the end of this page. Moreover, there is no need for the Mod Aplikasi or OBB.


However, this games depicts the Tentacle Locker Overview For School Games Book. So, the idea of the games is taken from a story where there are some characters who force girls to wear skirts against their will. So, it depicts that story but not intended to promote such kind of behavior.



Games Detils


NameTentacle Locker


MBDeveloper Hot Pink Games Package Namepeae04ee0.pa31a9408.pc998b540PriceFreeRequired Android5.0 and Up


The Gameplay


Well, the first thing that you all need to know about the Tentacle Locker Aplikasi is that it is an adult games. Although the graphics or visuals are not so much bold, however, there are some levels where get some explicit scenes. So, therefore, this games is not suitable for under 18 age users.


However, the games starts from a locker room. There you will get some girls moving right in front of the lockers in the room. So, the players are supposed to drag them into the locker with Tentacles. Later force them to wear skirts against their will.


It seems quite embarrassing but it is a games based on a book or horror story. So, therefore, you should take it as a funny games. However, there you can also get a chance to see some bold scenes. But those are not that bold. But very interesting to watch and santai.



Screenshots of the Games



How to Unduh and Install Tentacle Locker Aplikasi For Android Mobile Phones? Initially, when you will unduh the games, it will show you an alert from the Play-store as it is a Virus. But this is not a virus. As the games is designed for adults, therefore, it violates the rules of the Play Store. So, you are supposed to ignore that alert and install or play the games.


I have provided the Zip file where you will get the Aplikasi file. So, you are supposed to unduh the Zip file from this page and Unzip that to install it on your Android phones. Once you will Unzip the file, you will get the Aplikasi file of the games.


Simply klik on that file and install that on your phone. After that, you need to launch on your devices. There it will ask you to go through a human verification where you are supposed to install two apps. You can also get different tasks rather than the installation of two apps or game.


Then you need to perform those tasks. Install the game or apps and use them for almost 30 seconds. Then back to the games and start playing it.


However, here are some other game that you can also play on your Android handphones. So, those include Friday Night Funkin, Drunky Finger, and many more.



Final Thoughts


That is all from this ulasan now. If you are interested to unduh Tentacle Locker Aplikasi For Android, then get them from the below link. The link is offering you the official games that works perfectl.

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